Mapping Tools

This will direct you to the City of Bemidji Interactive Maps and Apps Gallery. Here you can find the Planning and Zoning WebApp with one click you can gain general knowledge of the zoning district criteria for the property of interest. You can also find the Bemidji Area Land Records Interactive Map here, which zoning layers can be added to the map by turning them on in the legend.  For types of uses please refer to  Section 302: Greater Bemidji Area Land Use Regulation Matrix of the Zoning Ordinance to see if your proposed land use is allowed at your location of interest.

The Greater Bemidji Area is currently governed by the Greater Bemidji Area Joint Planning Board Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance, adopted in 2007 with the most recent amendment taking place in 2017. All applications are reviewed by the JPC and subject to approval by the JPB. Zoning districts are created to promote orderly land development within the Greater Bemidji Area, including the shoreland of its public waters. Please refer to Section 402: Lot Size and Bulk Regulations by Zoning District of the Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance or Chapter 4: Land Use within the Comprehensive Plan for all zoning district information.

The GBAJPB Future Land Use Map is a guide for the Greater Bemidji Area’s zoning ordinance and map, which is the official regulating document for land use. The land use map should be used in conjunction with the policies  from the Land Use chapter with the Comprehensive Plan. The JPB has developed the Future Land Use Map to guide decisions regarding future growth and development. Please refer to Chapter 4: Land Use within the Comprehensive Plan for all future land use information.

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