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Zoning & Land Use Tools

Zoning regulations are the most common used tool for implementing a community's or area's goals and policies as outlined in the Comprehensive Plan or other various strategic plans. The principals and standards for implementing the future land use plan are defined within the Greater Bemidji Area's Land Use Plan as well as in the Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance. Land Development regulations are the foremost means of implementing the Comprehensive Plan and controlling land use in the Greater Bemidji Area. Two key instruments for zoning and land use in the Greater Bemidji Area is the Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance and the official Zoning Map.

Zoning Ordinance.jpg

Zoning &

Subdivision Ordinance

The Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance is intended to apply to the use of land and water resources within the approximate 51 square mile Greater Bemidji Area.

Zoning Map.jpg



The official zoning map for the Greater Bemidji Area are in electronic format, and be either viewed via a PDF document or through the City of Bemidji/Beltrami County Interactive Online Map.

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