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Surface Water Management Plan and Stormwater Design Guide


The City of Bemidji and Northern Township derive part of their economic vitality from the natural environment in which they are situated. Lake Bemidji and the Mississippi River are predominant in this natural environment and these two resources face water quality challenges in the years ahead.


Through this Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) our local government units have developed requirements that regulate stormwater discharges to surface water resources. The 
requirements hold the line on further degradation due to local discharges.


Given that Lake Bemidji and the Mississippi River receive discharge from much larger areas than controlled by Bemidji, it is necessary that similar controls be implemented outside Bemidji to ensure stable and improving water quality. Thus, per the Greater Bemidji Area Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance, this plan applies to all areas within GBAJPB jurisdiction, which includes all areas of Northern Township. 

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